FO Friday: Dad’s 2021 Christmas Socks

The socks that tried to beat me at every turn are DONE! My Dad’s 2021 Christmas socks are done and knit to the correct size this time, lol.

Pattern: My own “recipe” of a toe up sock with 68 stitches

Yarn: Regia 6-fadig in color #6974

Needles: US 2s

I don’t really have sock blockers that fit the socks for my dad/husband who wear size 13 US men’s shoes. So I make do with my sized blockers but it always makes me giggle because I feel like a child trying to wear adult sized things, lol.

I feel great to have these finally done and ready to wrap up for Christmas. Am I totally ready for Christmas? Heck no, but this is at least one thing off my list!

Happy Knitting!!

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