I Maimed Myself

I may have gotten into a “marital discussion” with the hubby that led me to aggressively cleaning the garage yesterday. Whelp, I managed to smash the knuckle of my middle finger between two heavy objects.

Fairly certain it is sprained or deeply bruised. It has made it painful to knit as that finger needs to bend in order to hold my needles in my fashion. I should know not to do things in the heat of frustration. So now I’m off to ice and rest my hand!

Happy (Not) Knitting!!

3 thoughts on “I Maimed Myself

  1. A few years ago, I dislocated a finger. My very first thought was, “Can I still knit?” Thankfully, even with a splint, I still could! Hope you heal quickly! Perhaps you will figure out a different way to hold your needles for the time being.

  2. Urgh I hope your husband has been suitably apologetic since! So sorry this happened, what a frustrating thing. I injured my wrist at one point and was told firmly that I wasn’t supposed to knit but really struggled with it and kept knitting through the pain; it was a bit stupid of me but I just couldn’t bear it. I hope your poor finger recovers soon & maybe spend some time looking at projects on ravelry and playing with your stash? I find dreaming about knitting very satisfying and hope that could help you for a few days

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