Mud Season #2

Sometimes you just find a pattern that speaks to you, is fun to knit, and flatters your figure. In my recent knitting, this has been Mud Season. I had the yarn in my stash so I started a second one this week as a vacation project and Stashbustin’ #17. My friends think I’m crazy for knitting sweaters in summer when the temps are hitting the 80s and 90s. But I like to knit what speaks to me no matter the season, lol.

I’ve got my second Mud Season off the needles, washed, blocked, and photographed!


Being wiser and smarter the second time around, I made a few deviations from the pattern instructions:

– I used a crochet cast on method in the beginning and when I cast on the additional stitches before joining in the round. In my first attempt I used a knitted cast on method. With the dark yarn it was hard on my first sweater to find the stitches when I went to pick up and knit the neckline and therefore the neckline was tighter. The crochet cast on was a neater line and made picking up stitches much easier. You can also see that the neck is more open than on my first Mud Season.

– I paused knitting the body just after I divided for the arms and had knit about 10 rows down. I wanted to maximize the yarn at the bottom of the sweater without having to worry about running out and not being able to make the neckline or the sleeves. It actually worked pretty well and I liked not having to go back do those at the end.

– I have a long torso and wide hips. I’m of Scandinavian decent and these are the gifts of my ancestors. My first Mud Season was a bit short for me and tight across my hips. I wanted to change up the increases at the bottom of the sweater to make it more flattering. When I got to the increases I worked the following:

  1. Increase round
  2. Knit 5 rounds
  3. Increase round
  4. Knit 5 rounds
  5. Increase round
  6. Knit 6 stockinette rounds
  7. Increase round
  8. Knit 6 stockinette rounds
  9. Increase round
  10. Knit 6 stockinette rounds
  11. Increase round
  12. Knit 6 stockinette rounds
  13. Increase round
  14. Knit 1 stockinette round
  15. Work ribbon as instructed in pattern.

I love this pattern and will probably stay in my rotation as a “go-to” sweater and gift knitting. It’s just the right mix of fun and easy that I can watch TV or a movie or even carry on a conversation. Not to mention it’s a very quick knit!





Happy Knitting!!!

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