To Craft Fair or Not To Craft Fair?

I got my first craft fair registration email of the season…..

To craft fair or not to craft fair?

I really enjoy craft fairs and I can normally make enough moo-la to fund my yarn habit for a few special projects and offset my booth costs. The people are really cool and I always have some great conversations with fellow crafters. The downside is that I have to crank out massive amounts of the same patterns and projects over and over again. This means less time for my de-stashing efforts and the selfish projects I have lined up. I mean knitting is knitting and it’s all fun in the long run.

What’s a knitter to do?

I have semi-good size stash of ruffle scarves and washcloths left from last season. Maybe I could throw in some lacy scarves, headbands, bulky hats, and maybe a few cute baby blankets?

What kinds of wares do you look for at a craft fairs? What do you guys think?

12 thoughts on “To Craft Fair or Not To Craft Fair?

  1. I love to go to craft fairs and look around. But here’s the thing, I almost never buy knitted things, because I can make them. So I am not a good person to ask this question. 🙂 But maybe ask people who do OTHER crafts what knitted things they would like to buy. I usually end up buying jewelry or ornaments at craft fairs. If I were going to have a booth, though, I would have plenty of things that were not big and bulky, that were not too expensive to purchase, as well as some fancier things, like a lace scarf. And of course, a variety of colrs. It IS a lot of work. I would definitely use your left overs from last year. the other thing that could make a difference, depending on teh crowd at the craft fair you attend – fiber content. I really hate going somewhere and seeing acrylic draped over everything. But I know that makes them more affordable. So if your crowd can handle the price difference, I think making things with something more natural is nicer.

  2. I’ve stopped going to craft fairs. I found I wouldn’t actually buy anything, but would come home with a bunch of different crafts I suddenly HAD to go out and learn to do (many times with expensive and frustrating results…like wood carving…, not a good idea lol!)

  3. I found selling on Etsy was more worth in the end than craft fairs . That being said there is something to be said about selling at craft fairs and meeting your customers. I can’t really pump out enough stock to keep on hand to sell at a craft fair, but I know lots of people who can. I also found I was getting lots of custom orders at a craft fairs instead of people buying what I had on hand, which was great but, that’s why I ended up using Etsy instead. P.s. Tutu’s would probably go over well at a craft fair!!!

  4. Dilemma! – don’t do too many craft fairs. I love to do fairs and buy others art/crafts, support them and appreciate their skills. I can’t abide making the same thing over and over to sell either. -I also agree natural is Soooo much nicer.

  5. Very interesting post and comments. Thanks for raising this. I was wondering about craft fairs myself but also don’t like making the same things over but you’re right, it is all knitting and therefore fun at the end of the day.

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  7. I have only done 4 fairs in my life and I swear my table looks like I have ADD. I almost never make the same thing twice, so what to do with my habit? That’s where fairs came in, and I price to sell otherwise I’d just give it away.

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