Summer in Kansas has arrived. The humidity is here to stay and the temps are climbing into the nineties.  So I begrudgingly tackled Mt. Woolen and started washing all the pretties for packing until Fall.

Socks, shawls, scarves, and hats. I haven’t tackled the sweaters yet. Four loads of hand wash was enough for one weekend.

Took my whole clothesline in the basement! Happy Knitting!!

To Craft Fair or Not To Craft Fair?

I got my first craft fair registration email of the season…..

To craft fair or not to craft fair?

I really enjoy craft fairs and I can normally make enough moo-la to fund my yarn habit for a few special projects and offset my booth costs. The people are really cool and I always have some great conversations with fellow crafters. The downside is that I have to crank out massive amounts of the same patterns and projects over and over again. This means less time for my de-stashing efforts and the selfish projects I have lined up. I mean knitting is knitting and it’s all fun in the long run.

What’s a knitter to do?

I have semi-good size stash of ruffle scarves and washcloths left from last season. Maybe I could throw in some lacy scarves, headbands, bulky hats, and maybe a few cute baby blankets?

What kinds of wares do you look for at a craft fairs? What do you guys think?

A Cause Worth Supporting

I got a request the other day to support a local fundraiser. My day job is a huge supporter of Midland Care, a hospice provider in Topeka, KS. The bank holds a silent auction among the employees using handmade items or personal services donated by employees. I think it’s a lot of fun! We get to see the hand crafts of our fellow employees as well as raise money for a worthy cause. I chose to donate:



A Cascading Ruffles Scarf in Starbella Flash (deep purple)

photo (3)


And a couple of Evening Sparkle Scarves in black and red.

Last year I donated two baby blankets and 4 swiffer cloths and raised $35 for the cause. Let’s see if I can break my record this year! I’ll let you know how it goes!!

Happy Tuesday!

Stashbustin’ #5

I found a few skeins at the bottom of my stash that I procured at a garage sale. Mostly some Lion Brand Homespun, a skein of baby yarn, and a skein of sock yarn. It got me thinking of something that happened at my last fair.

I had the pleasure of meeting the director of the Topeka Crochet Guild at my last craft fair. She mentioned that they always take donations of yarn to make projects for local shelters and charities. So in the spirit of charity and needing to unclutter my life, here is what I’m donating!


The make hats, scarves, blankets, and much more for those in need! So I went through my bag of hand knits and found some of my first “projects”. Surely they will keep someone warm this winter even with uneven stitches and crazy yarn choices right?


I get the double whammy of the feeling of charity and the glow of reducing my yarn load! I think I might even join the guild, they even welcome us knitters! I’m always looking for new fiber friends 🙂

Happy Knitting!

Christmas Clearance Event!!

Welcome my Christmas Clearance Event!!!

Please take a few minutes and let me know if you like anything. Email me at atangledyarn@gmail.com. I’ll take payment via paypal on all items listed below with a flat rate of $5 for shipping on all items!

All items are first come first serve. Don’t miss this great sale!!!





Frilly Knit Lace Scarves – $15 each


Very warm and stylish!!! (If you don’t like any of the in stock colors – I can do custom orders with 7 business days’ notice)




  Bobble Knit Head Wraps – $8

These are knit in SUPER soft yarn and feature a button closure so they fit any size or shape of head.


Hand stitched Felt Sewing Decoration – $8


 Blue/White/Brown Cotton Hanging Dishtowel – $8


 Knit Cotton Coffee Sweaters – $2 each


Silky Soft Fingerless Gloves in light brown – $8


 Pink and White Brick Style Cotton Dishcloth/Hot Pads – $10 for the set (100% machine wash/dry)


Pink and Light Purple Linoleum Style Dishcloths (Cotton) – $8 for the set (100% machine wash/dry)


 Red and White Knit Hot Pad set – $10 (100% cotton, machine wash/dry)


Basket Weave Dish Cloth Set in Blues – $12

(100% cotton, machine wash/dry)


Basket Weave Dish Cloth Set in Pink/White – $12 (100% cotton, machine wash/dry)


Basket Weave Dish Cloth Cotton Set in Green- $12 (100% cotton, machine wash/dry)


Brown/Tan/White Brick Style Dish Cloth Set – $15 (100% Cotton, machine wash/dry)


100% Fleece Swiffer Dusting Cloths in Assorted colors – 2 for $6 or 4 for $10

These are great and 100% machine wash and dry, no more buying refills!

Makes a great stocking stuffer, wand not included.


 Cotton Dish Scrubbers – $1 each

These are knit in 100% cotton and abrasive acrylic so they can be washed and sanitized. Ditch the gross sponges this year!


Knitting Rut

I am back (sort of) from the flu. I’m fine as long as I don’t eat too much or too spicy/greasy. One day at a time I guess…

I have my last craft fair of the season this Saturday. I wish I could say I was more excited. Thanksgiving was stressful, I don’t feel 100%, and my knitting has been in a rut! All I have been doing is cranking out scarves, dishcloths, and headbands for fair season.


Easy knitting to be sure, but it’s just not speaking to my soul. I really want to dive into some baby sweaters and blankets. Not to mention a circle vest I have planned for myself.

After this Sunday I pledge to knit what I want, when I want! At least schedule and health permitting 🙂

At least tomorrow is Friday!