Summer in Kansas has arrived. The humidity is here to stay and the temps are climbing into the nineties.  So I begrudgingly tackled Mt. Woolen and started washing all the pretties for packing until Fall.

Socks, shawls, scarves, and hats. I haven’t tackled the sweaters yet. Four loads of hand wash was enough for one weekend.

Took my whole clothesline in the basement! Happy Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “Washerwoman 

  1. Very nice! It’s arrived here in Nebraska as well, of course. I was looking for something in my car console, and came across 3 handknit ear warmers I keep in there for emergencies. Guess it’s time to clean out the car as well!

  2. I just packed away my last sweater yesterday. I always start in May and do a little at a time, beginning with the wool stuff that can go in the washer. Looks like you have a lot of stamina! Four loads is a lot to wash by hand.

  3. It’s going to be 100 in 2 days, and I’m in denial about washing my sweaters – hahaha! Thankfully, it will take a few minutes for them to dry because it’s quite dry here in summer 🙂

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