Dark Yarn and Straight Needles

Why is it that I can never find the needles I need when I start a project? I have become a BIG fan if circs as they are flexible and take up less room in my lap. But straights will do in a pinch.

I finally started my Stashbustin’ #26 projects. This balaclava is for a coworker.


So far I am half way through the ribbed neck portion. The stitches are pretty bunched up right now on these straights but will get better as the pattern progresses. The yarn is Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Lost Lake Heather. This deep green is a bit fiddly to work with in the evenings as its very dark. But otherwise pretty darn good so far. (Even on these darn needles, lol)

I’m making the largest size the pattern has as the recipient is a large man. I hope to finish this and maybe one more before fall comes!

Happy Knitting!

3 thoughts on “Dark Yarn and Straight Needles

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