Wee Bit of Progress on a Blanket for A Wee One

Happy WIP Wednesday!!!

Remember this Stashbustin’ #34 project?


It’s my One Row Blanket de la Harlot in Serentiy Premier Chunky (color aqua glass). I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my in-laws tomorrow and I needed a no brainer project to work on. The yarn is soft, especially considering it’s acrylic. And the pattern is four stitches over and over again. Just one row repeated until then end. LOVE IT!!! I cannot recommend this project enough for a quick and easy baby knit. Or even just a nice and easy lap quilt for car rides or couch snuggles.


I have four skeins of yarn total and I’m almost done with the second skein. The rhythm of the needles is soothing my anxiety about tomorrow. The cooking is no sweat….but all day trapped in my home with 6 of my in-laws….bring on the wine and knitting!!!

Now I’m off to work followed by some bread and pie making for tomorrow festivities!

4 thoughts on “Wee Bit of Progress on a Blanket for A Wee One

  1. Grrr, my computer keeps eating my comment as I try to send it! (If you’ve had several copies of this, apologies!)
    Just wanted to say that it’s a beautiful blanket, beautifully photographed. Lovely colour, too – refreshingly different from all the pink and blue that’s around for babies.

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