Sad Panda

My newest socks off the needles took a bit of a sad turn. I put them in a cold water wash with Soak on gentle in my machine and disaster…..



The blue and purple dye bled and just changed the whole sock. I’m a sad panda. They still fit and are beautiful in a fashion. They just aren’t my bright cheery socks anymore. I should have citric acid treated them but I was in a rush and didn’t think. I whole heartedly regret that but what can you do?

I have an email in to the yarn maker to see what I did wrong and to let them know there was a problem. No answer as of yet.

Here’s to happier knitting!

8 thoughts on “Sad Panda

  1. Wow. I have never had something like that happen before, so I never would have thought to use a treatment. I don’t know that citric acid would have helped. Steam maybe to make the dye bit a little more? Yikes. They still are pretty cool, tho.

  2. Oh, so sorry! But from where I sit, it doesn’t look like they bled so much as they faded. The colors don’t look messy, just…less. Hope you get an answer from the dyer, but they dyer should be setting the dye, not you.

  3. Drat! I wonder if a soak in biz would help, many quilters swear by it, and those who have to wear white shirts for work. Perhaps that will bring back some of your brightness. I’d check with the yarn maker before using Biz, however.

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