Cast On: Gradient Mitts

The Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party is hosting a special December interception and giveaway. It’s all about the minis! So while waiting for my swap packages to arrive I pulled the One Twisted Tree mini skein set in the Beachy color  from my stash!

And after some pattern diving in Ravelry I fixated on the Gradient Mitts by Christa McCurdy. And boy are these addicting!

I finished the first one (sans thumb) and started the second one. The yarn is held double to achieve the gradient effect. Between the two strands of yarn and the fact I chose to stay on size three needles, this fabric is dense and warm. I love it!

The mini set was short one color and my husband suggested black. Not a color I would normally use in this case. But I kinda dig the stark contrast from beginning to end. Points for the hubby!

Now on to the second one! Happy Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “Cast On: Gradient Mitts

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