Cast On: Toe Up Socks With A Difference

In addition to my ongoing PigskinParty KAL I have heard in the podcast-verse that a couple new KALs are popping up in January. The first is the Self Indulgent KAL with the Yarniacs and then the New Year New Ewe KAL with the Actually Knitting podcast. I figured I would cast on something special that would hit all three. My solution? The Toe-Up Socks with a Difference by Wendy D Johnson. They are a Pigskin Party sponsor, they are a new to me technique of the gusset on the bottom heel for the New Year New Ewe KAL, and the yarn is a golden skein I have been hoarding in my stash for the Self Indulgent KAL. Best of all…..these will be all mine!

I was off to a great start during nap time the other day. Until I noticed a problem….ladders on my toe increases. The designer recommends using a knit front and back increase which I failed spectacularly at. See….

So I turned that attempt into this….

I went with my old standby of the lifted left and right increases. Much better…

Now I’ve switched to my nine inch circs and I’m plowing up the foot!

Happy Knitting!!

9 thoughts on “Cast On: Toe Up Socks With A Difference

  1. Yes! This ladder happens to me as well. I generally do the knit through front and back on the first round because lifting a stitch on that first round can be tedious at best. Then I switch to lifted increases which look so professional!

  2. Well done! I’ve only tried one toe-up sock. I thought the toe part was awesome, but I didn’t like the heel — mostly because it wasn’t a gusset heel. Of course, I could try a different pattern….
    Love the yarn, too!

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