HO Friday: One Camo Sock!

I managed to finish the first Camo sock for my dad!

I made my husband stand in as the foot model. It really helps my gift knitting that my hubby and father both have size 13 US feet. Wait, did I really just type that?? This thing is huuuuge!

This sock is a 72 stitch toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel. That’s roughly 11 inches of foot alone. It’s a good thing they are both knitworthy!

Now I guess I better start the second sock….

8 thoughts on “HO Friday: One Camo Sock!

  1. Yep, I’ve got a guy with 13.5 feet, and he likes socks that have a leg of at least 10 inches. That’s why that particular yarn is a good one! A little less painful.

  2. I may have to get this and knit some socks up for my nephew…He didn’t think he wanted me to knit anything…but he admitted he likes socks at Christmas–Let’s just find out how many ways there are to gift socks;-)

  3. I make socks for myself and they are always exactly 80 stitches around (barring the need for huge cables), with a heel flap and gussett because not only are my feet wide, they have high arches. Basically, when I want to make a sock from a specialized pattern, I have to adapt. I must say, though, that for high arches you can improvise a wedge heel when going toe-up and it’s a nice sturdy way to do it. I found it in the Sock Knitting Master Class book edited by Ann Budd (her design in the book features the wedge heel).

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