WIP Wednesday: Nangou Shawl

I’m three contrast stripes in! My Nangou is growing despite being close to 300 stitches per row.

I have to finish the current MC section then add another CC section and then finally add the last MC section and bind off. Between the pleasing colors and the rhythm of garter I’m fairly dedicated to this project. I’ve been rewatching The West Wing along with listening to the West Wing Weekly podcast and this project is a great match to Knitflixing.

I have enough yarn to add more sections and I’m torn. The pattern schematic tells me this is going to be 70 inches wide. Well….I didn’t check gauge so I’m not sure if I’m going to be ahead or behind of that. I want something big and squishy this leading me to adding another section. But I’m also ready to finish this and admire the finished pretty. I guess time will tell what I decide when I get closer to the end, lol.

Happy Knitting!

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Nangou Shawl

  1. Is the blocked shawl 70 inches wide? Or it’s that wide before you block it? For my very first shawl ever, it finished knitting at 27″ x 58″ and wound up blocking out to 37″ x 74″. It’s amazing how much they grow with blocking 🙂 I love the colors!

  2. I just did a knit along and added some to make it bigger but will make it again adding more. I love a big shawl I can curl up in. hope htis turns out the way you want.

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