Mitred Mood

My knitting brain is on the fritz lately. Jellybean seems to think sleeping is optional. So the only grey matter I can spare has found it’s way to my scrap blanket.

Since last I showed you I’ve added a full column on the right and I’m now working a new row across the bottom. I may have hit some Etsy sales on mini skeins in order to grow “the precious”. I’m also double dipping into some previous used colors to keep building.

It’s officially lap sized but I’m nowhere near done. I love this too much!

Happy Knitting!!

8 thoughts on “Mitred Mood

  1. glad you have something simple to knit on while Jellybean changes sleep patterns! The blanket looks really nice, I love all the colors, and repeating is OK, no one will ever notice, lol.

  2. I just absolutely love this blanket! I think my favorite thing about it is the borders for each square, makes it look so clean and modern. Did you do that by working the first few rows in the same color?

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