Cast On: Be Simple Shawl

I finished my Jay Jay shawl last week and my fingers were still itching for some shawl knitting. In my project bin of prepped projects I had the yarn caked for the Be Simple Variations by Carolyn Glauz-Todrank. So I started my needles clicking and I have this…

This is some 3+ year old stash of Cloudlover Yarn and Fiber sock yarn. It’s superwash Merino and nylon blend in their Copacabana colorway. It’s a highly variegated teal, orange, brown and purple. I have to be honest…..I’m not loving the yarn and pattern combo. I love the intuitiveness of the pattern. I just hate the colors as a shawl to wear around my face. They just aren’t me. I am thinking this yarn would be better served as socks that go inside shoes….

I have put this yarn into hibernation/time out to think about what I want to do. Any thoughts from the viewers?

11 thoughts on “Cast On: Be Simple Shawl

  1. Did you purchase the yarn for this specific project? Would you be able to gift it to someone who would appreciate those colors next to his/her face? If not, rip it out and make something else. Life is too short to knit with unloved yarn/pattern combinations.

  2. I was thinking that too! If the yarn looks ok with the pattern I would continue with it and gift it to someone who looks good in those colours:)

  3. I love the colors, but I understand not necessarily thinking they’ll work with the pattern around your face (same here, I have pasty skin & reddish hair, probably not well suited for me).
    I agree with others in thinking maybe you have a friend or relative this would look great on (who would love it), or you could consider selling it or do a giveaway.
    Last option might be to frog it and make socks.

  4. socks. or what about striping it with wider bands of a plain colour that you do like. that way you get some of the colour but not ALL of the colour? could do wide bands of the nicer colour and smaller bands of the one you don’t like?

  5. I think I would knit a little farther before I decided – because when you get to longer rows, it likely will look totally different and you might like it. Btu socks are good, too. 🙂

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