Monkey or Platypus?

I started Jellybean’s Monkey this week and I zoomed through the body and the mouth.

I’m not the best with large DPNs but I think for my second toy this is pretty good. I’m working on size 7 US with worsted we got yarn. I don’t have any laddering yet and the fabric is dense enough the stuffing stays on the inside. A win for me at least.

The mouth without the ears makes this look like a platypus to me. Am I crazy?

Happy Knitting!!

3 thoughts on “Monkey or Platypus?

  1. I think platypus. He’s cute, have fun. JellyBean will probably like the variety. Also, red heart has a good pattern for sock monkeys if you want the mouth to look a little more realistic…it’s big and can be cumbersome, slightly, but you have the skills to pick up and knit(which is not in the pattern) or to sew on a stuffed mouth. It’s basically knit like the heel of a sock.

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