A Fine Ruler

I tucked another knitting wish list item into my KnitCircus purchase…why not while I was at it??

I picked up the Ann Budd Knit Gauge Ruler. I have seen this thing ALL over the knitisphere. It’s so simple and effective….tis genius and witchcraft at the same time. I tried it out on my recent finished socks.

Turns out I knit these puppies at nine stitches to the inch. The ruler was easy to use and I just kept sliding the gauge until I found my little Vs lining up with the marks.

My inner OCD accounting brain wants to go back and MEASURE ALL THE FINISHED THINGS just to see what my gauge is like. But my pregnancy brain tells that part of my brain to shush and go eat ice cream. I likely know which one will win right now, lol. But I can tell you for darn sure I will be using this going forward!

Happy Knitting!

3 thoughts on “A Fine Ruler

  1. Clearly I’ve been hanging out in the wrong part of the knitisphere! The gauge ruler is brilliant. Think I’ll add one to my little bag of tricks. Hope you opted for ice cream — builds strong bones for you and baby-to-be plus it’s delicious.

  2. Bother. Another notion I simply must have. I’m sure I shall have to buy it from the US: Downunder we never get these clever things for – oh, >ages< …

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