Rosewood In The Wild

It’s the time of the year to get all the parts checked and spend waaaaay too long in waiting rooms. Recently at my well woman visit I found myself with a ton of time to kill in the waiting area. So like any good knitter I pulled out my knitting and put some rows on my Rosewood Sockhead Slouch.

And you guys, I found another knitter in the wild because I was knitting in public! A very nice distinguished woman sat down next to me and asked it I was picking or throwing. And my head snapped up because to ask that question…you have to be more than a novice knitter. So we started up a pleasant conversation about knitting and projects until it was time for us to both head into our appointments.

It turned out to be a rather nice way to pass the time. Happy Knitting!!

8 thoughts on “Rosewood In The Wild

  1. It’s always fun to meet another knitter! I met one at the show I went to on Saturday. One of the vendors was knitting to pass the time between customers and we had a lovely chat about knit picks:)

  2. I love meeting fellow knitters. While waiting at an appointment with my brother recently, a nurse exclaimed, “You’re a knitter! Any chance you can help figure out this mistake I made?” I was happy to oblige. Love your yarn color.

    • Its basically continental versus English style. It boils down to which hand you hold your yarn and how you form the stitches. I’m not describing it super elegantly but there are great tutorials on YouTube

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