Cast On: Northwesterly

I broke down. I couldn’t wait anymore. Arbitrary knitting rules be damned. I needed to start my Northeasterly blanket!

I am holding my fingering weight scraps held double with a cone of plain white sock yarn. Even after washing this white yarn is not the softest sock yarn I’ve ever knit with. But I love how it’s marling nicely with the sock scraps.

Because I’m using fingering weight held double I’m following the DK weight pattern instructions. It took me a minute to get the pattern in my brain but I was able to work up an entire scrap ball during kiddo nap times. This will be long term project much like my memory blanket and I absolutely love it!!

Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “Cast On: Northwesterly

  1. I am excited to watch your progress on this, and I’m so glad you broke your own “rules” and started it already! I really want to make one, as well, but there’s no way I can start something like it the way my brain is tooooo mushy lately. I’m hoping life might calm down some in the next few months, maybe by the end of August I can make myself focus enough to take on the pattern (I’ve tried chevrons before, and found I had to keep frogging and starting over, it got super frustrating).

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