Overshot The Heel

The socks for my dad have kind of been on the back burner lately. I was working on them awhile back and I was talking and knitting at a BBQ and I overshot the heel placement. I was hoping to put in waste yarn for a Susan B Anderson style afterthought heel. But alas it was not to be. I’m going to have to cut in a KirbyWirby style afterthought heel by cutting live stitches. I’ve totally done both before. I was just hoping for the version that is less likely for me to drop stitches.

So with that little oopsie…this project has kind of fallen to the bottom of my WIP pile. It’s not the end of the world but it has kind of killed my mojo a little bit. Has that ever happened to you?

5 thoughts on “Overshot The Heel

  1. Oh, yes! My knitting mojo is slowly coming back after having to restart a pair of socks with a lacy panel. I put in a few lifelines (and retail therapy aka yarn) and things are looking better now.

    Patience and persistence are key!

  2. Yes, definitely! Sometimes I do a thing like that, where it’s fixable but going to be a pain. That kind of kills it for me for a little while. I just switch projects for a little bit and get back to when I can stand to look at it again 🙂

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