Dare I Crop?

When I digging around in my yarn stash the other day I came across something unexpected and yet spectacular. I found three skeins of DK weight superwash yarn all from the same indie dyer. I had picked these up at different times from her over  the past year when I had the money saved up around the time of her updates.

The dyer is Moonstone Dyeworks out of Acadia California and she has an amazing podcast that enables me all the time. I realized that the skeins really blended and coordinated quite well as I stared at them in my drawer. Almost, dare I say, a really fantastic fade? From left to right they are Falling, Hard Cider and Wild Honey.

I did some pattern searching on Ravelry and found that I might be able to eek out a Party Top by AbbyeKnits in my size. I would JUST have enough yarn if I managed my fade very precisely. This is a cropped sweater and I’m not sure I’ll like it but I can’t put it out of my head. I can just feel this pattern wanting to jump on my needles. I even went so far to research the pattern comments on Ravelry and found a knitter who made a similar faded option in a bigger size than I.


I literally have two other sweaters quantities wound up and ready to jump on my needles for a Weekender and a Radiate. Why am I so drawn to this when I haven’t even cast on either of those sweaters? My wishful knitting is just on overdrive lately!!

What is a knitter to do!?

8 thoughts on “Dare I Crop?

  1. A knitter casts on:)
    I’ve been seeing lots of cropped sweaters on all body types and they all look good. I think what you wear with it can make or break the look. Good luck! Now go cast on!

  2. I recently made a crop sweater and it is now sitting and waiting for my much shorter Mom to try it because I’m so uncomfortable with my body when I wear it. I think it would be better if I had a dress to wear under it. I think crop sweaters look great on other people, so if you are feeling up to a crop do it. Although, if you want a new project bag, I’m sending out new project bags to anyone who finishes The Weekender before Thanksgiving.

  3. I like the pattern, personally for me I’d not wear a cropped anything as I’d look like Pooh Bear 😂. If you cast on one of your other projects it would give you some time to think about it…the pattern and yarn aren’t going anywhere 😀.

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