Sock Surgery

Happy Black Friday, I hope you are having fun in the chaos or avoiding it all together, whichever is your bag. I’m in the “avoid it” group so I’m sipping coffee and contemplating a turkey sandwich for breakfast.

But I digress, I need to do some sock surgery. My Accidental Travel Vanilla socks made their way on to my feet and into my boots this week. But I was annoyed all day long and constantly having to unzip my boots to pull up my socks.

After lunch I was beyond frustrated so I took my whole shoe off to diagnose the problem. And I found it….the heel is too small. I knit these pretty early in my afterthought heel career. And I knit it just like a standard wedge toe, knit one round and decrease the next round repeating those until done. Nowadays I knit my heels differently. I add extra knit rounds in between the decreases to add depth to the heel to fit my round heel.

I guess the blessing of this heel is that I can pick up the edge stitches and then rip back the heel to knit a better one. I’ve pulled these socks out of my sock drawer and put them in the mending basket for a rainy day when I need a quick project.

Happy Friday and Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “Sock Surgery

  1. I’ve noticed lately that all my socks slip down into my shoes, even the store bought ones. I think you should school the masses on this solution. Oh by the way, you have amazing arches. 🦶 ☺️

  2. I am interested to learn which style of afterthought heel you work. I have one pattern with an AT heel that works up into a circle. I have a bit of trouble each time I use it but cannot diagnose why I have trouble….so I am seeking more AT heel design info.

    • I have kind developed my own “recipe” that fits my heel. I build in extra plain knit rounds in between the decrease to fit my large heel and instep. Essentially, it’s just a like a toe for a cuff down sock. I’m not sure what pattern you use but I would recommend the Smooth Operator Sock by Susan B Anderson or any of Wendy Johnson’s free sock patterns. Both are designers are clear and well written.

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