Knitty McPurly Just Up And Sucked Me In

I tried a new to me knitting good purveyor. Knitty McPurly was an audio podcaster turned video podcaster that I have followed for quite a while. Devon Ventry is a work at home mother who has found a way to incorporate a successful online knitting business. Now, she is a well established pattern designer but she has branched out to add crafting jewelry, crafty tools and project bags.

She had a sale in January and I got sucked right in. I picked up a necklace that doubles as a stitch marker holder and a cute Alice in Wonderland notions pouch. I also got a vinyl Knitty McPurly sticker for my water bottle. But currently Jellybean is using the water bottle as his go to cup so I don’t have a photo.

I’ve already been wearing the necklace and received many compliments. It is a bit fiddly to open and use stitch markers though. Since it swings up and there is very little ridge to the edges it is easy to spill….ask me how I know! But I still love it just for the aesthetics. And the pouch has been living in my tote bag holding extra ear buds and other miscellaneous stuff that used to roll around in the bottom of my bag.

All in all, I think I like her style and these were good investments!

Happy Knitting!!

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