Habitation Throw Halfway

My Habitation Throw is over halfway now. I finally got to where it looked good enough for me and I started decreasing.This thing is really screaming through my scraps! I have gone through a good amount of my coned solid white yarn and I had to pull some bigger used skeins out of my stash as I was working the long middle sections.

My widest point is the peachy/pink section. I am now having to strategize with my remaining scraps. I want to make sure the colors look good adjacent to one another but that I will also have roughly enough to do an entire repeat of garter and eyelets. That’s just my personal brand of crazy.

I still have a ton scraps in my bag. And I’ve pulled some DEEP stash skeins of sock blanks and Joann’s sock yarn just in case I need some longer sections. This blanket has literally consumed all my knitting time. I don’t want to work on anything else right now.

Do you have a project obsession?

7 thoughts on “Habitation Throw Halfway

  1. I love it so much! It looks like the pattern is alternating garter and eyelets? I just love the way it looks with the colors you’re using! PERFECTION.
    On the topic of obsessions: I get thoroughly obsessed with everything I knit. Sometimes its an obsession to be home knitting it because I love it, but sometimes the obsession is just to get the damn thing done 😂 I have two ‘get the damn thing done’ projects currently. I’m just bored right to death with stockinette. Blaaaarrrgh.

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