Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

My favorite project right now is still my Hibernation Throw. It’s just so fun to watch the colors develop as I add new scraps. Plus it’s extra satisfying when one of these section uses up every last bit of yarn. It makes this knitters heart happy!

I’m still increasing in the pattern and since I’m heavily modifying the pattern I’m not sure when to stop. I might see how many larger sized scrap balls I have left so I can work until I have enough to get to a middle point and then have enough to account for the larger decrease sections as I work down.

I have been kind of monitoring my colors and changing every eyelet row if I haven’t already run out of yarn. This has made my color blocks uniform-ish in size and makes the fabric look intentionally scrappy. My symmetry loving brain really likes this. Though it does mean that some of scraps are used up and I still have little balls leftover.

Happy Knitting!!

11 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

  1. I am looking for a scrappy project but many of them are crochet. I will check this one out. What modifications are you making and why? If I plan to start one, I may have to pick your brain.

    • I modified because I wanted to marl two yarns together to help blend the colors of the scraps by using a white solid yarn. And I wanted to work at a DK weight to make the blanket go faster and be bigger. So I used larger yarn and larger needles but then followed the pattern instructions as written for stitches.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! I’ve got loads of leftover fingering/sock yarn and the idea of making a blanket of a gazillion mitered squares has been seeming mighty daunting. But I could definitely get into this pattern. Thank you 😉

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