Canadian Stash Enhancement

This week’s self care is brought to you by Canada! I opened the Gauge Dyeworks newsletter at the exact right time for a shop update and the wrong time where I was feeling down about the state of the world.

This is the classic merino twist sock yarn in a self striping set of greens. The official name is Colour Study: Green. It’s 443 yards and 115 grams of the plumpest most glorious sock yarn ever. I have been letting this yarn sit out on my work at home desk so I can admire and pet before I add it to my stash.

Has the current state of affairs led you to pad your stash or use your stash? I’m somewhere in between the two….

Happy Knitting

12 thoughts on “Canadian Stash Enhancement

  1. It’s so pretty!
    Will it be socks, or do you have a plan for it?

    I’ve been in a funk the past four weeks, for sure. I’ve barely knit at all (unlike me), and while part of me has more than enough stash and projects ready to go, I took advantage of a free shipping sale at We Are Knitters -purchased a new little treat for myself (a shawl kit featuring a color I love w/an easy pattern so I’m unlikely to mess up & get so frustrated I bail partway through).

  2. I was bad and have ordered 4 skeins of sock yarn from Black Cat Yarns in Bordello and 4 skeins of sock yarn from Chicken Coop Dyeworks in Christmas Cedar. I can’t resist black and pink together or red and brown. They were just so pretty.

  3. My stash is out of control and I’m still working just about 40 hours a week, so I haven’t really made a dent in it. I’m glad to be working, even while I worry, and am even more glad to go home in the evening and work on various knitting projects, lol.

  4. That color combo is nice and soothing, isn’t it? I’ve been resisting the urge to buy all of the yarn ever made, but only by a herculean act of will. I’m still working full-time, as well (and am grateful), but I have started casting on projects with some of my favorite stash. I realized that, while I waited for the perfect project to come along, the part of my stash I most wanted to work with was just languishing. So I’m living for the day and working with the best stuff I have on hand. Who cares if it’s not the perfect project? BTW, love the idea of keeping a beautiful yarn on your desk. I’m going to have to start doing that.

  5. That is prettyyyyyy! I’ve done a little stash padding, but I’m doing my best to work through what I’ve got as well. The urge to spend is still there so I might just have to get some of those fancy polymer clay stitch markers I’ve been admiring for ages, or a project bag or two. So many options!

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