Basic Failure

Well….I got kicked in the teeth by not swatching during what is a very stressful time. My Everyday Slouchy Beanie is TIGHT y’all. Like squeeze my brain out my ears tight.

I made enough fabric in the hat portion to try it on. I had been having a niggling feeling that brim was maybe tight after I had turned and joined the cast on edge. But I just kept knitting and damned if my instinct wasn’t correct.

Now, I have knit a TON of stitches into this thing. Andafter knitting both halves of the brim…I’m not ripping out floofy yarn for that many stitches! This hat will fit someone when I’m done. I might just have to be sad that it doesn’t fit me.

Note to self: Next time you are extraordinarily stressed….check yo gauge!

7 thoughts on “Basic Failure

  1. That little voice makes me crazy; it’s always right. Darn it.

    But! It may not be as terrible to rip out as you think, if you wind the yarn back up in combo instead of trying to separate it? I’ve frogged many parts of my sock yarn/mohair carry along Love Note. As long as I wind the two strands together in the ball, it’s been fine. Trying to separate them was not a good experiment.

  2. OH NOOOO!!!! I am so sorry. Indeed someone will love that hat! My lack of concentration and over-abundance of anxiety is what drove me to knit a tried and true, stockinette to the max, hat!

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