Prism Progress

Hallelujah…I have finally reached the recommended four inches of 2×2 ribbing for my Prism Break Hat!

I’m loosely following the Sockhead Slouch by Kelly McClure. This has been my go-to conference call and zoom meeting knitting. I find that I can keep easy knitting in my lap and knit while I listen and it’s impossible for anyone to tell.

I’m just now starting the plain stockinette part of the hat. So just a ton of round and round for miles. And I’m not mad about it. It’s the perfect easy knitting in a fun yarn to make this time and please a little easier to handle.

What is making your life happy?

12 thoughts on “Prism Progress

  1. I love the yarn you are using. I recently completed my Sockhead Hat and I am considering casting on another for the same reasons you mention. Today I was sad. No reason, but I don’t think a reason is needed these days. What did make me happy was Italian take out and a glass or two of wine.

  2. I made one of these recently – it does feel as though it takes forever to get anywhere! I love the colour though, that’s awesome! Good luck on your conference calls 🙂

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  4. I’ve knit several of Kelly McClure sockheads with and without slouch. I think it’s a good pattern for travel too but not going anywhere anytime soon. What is the yarn you used? I like how it striped. Thanks.

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