It’s Fall Y’all

Fall has hit me full force. I pulled out my good Swedish Lutheran roots and cooked up a full midwestern chili dinner. And no chili dinner can’t be complete without cinnamon rolls!

I slipped some of my husband’s smoked brisket from the freezer into the chili for a bit of a smoky twist. It turned out delicious and carbtastic.

I have no idea why my family of four (two of which are small children) needed a full pot of chili and an entire pan of cinnamon rolls. But hey, it got us all in the fall mood and we have leftovers for the whole week.

Happy eating!!

5 thoughts on “It’s Fall Y’all

  1. Oh, everyone knows that chili can only be prepared by the pot. And really, those 13″x9″ in pans just scream for cinnamon buns. It’s the natural order of things!!
    Leftovers RULE!

  2. Oh my, what I would give to be munching on a cinnamon roll right now – those looks delicious! Might have to pop out and buy some as I don’t have the ingredients to make any and don’t know how to – is that enough excuses on why I can’t rustle some up? Although, as you say, there’d be leftovers and I’d have some more for tomorrow …

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