A Load Of Cloudborn

Recently I cast on my All My Stitches, which is a project where I am holding a white sock yarn double with an advent calendar to get a big squishy shawl/wrap. Honestly, it makes projects go fast and I am actually getting my advent calendars used!

So I did a little online shopping for some more neutral sock yarn to hold double with my other mini skein calendars. This led me to WEBS and my first Cloudborn Yarn purchase.

Thanks to some sale prices, I snagged two skeins of Cloudborn Fibers Highland Superwash Sock Twist in the grey and black. And then I couldn’t decided on the Superwash merino fingering so I got both cream and off white. I did mess up a little here and I didn’t realize the merino was a singles…whoops. I still think it will serve my purpose.

So as close as I was getting to being “yarn in/out nuetral” this year….this purchase but me back a fair bit. Guess I’d better get cranking on those advent projects!

Happy Knitting!!

11 thoughts on “A Load Of Cloudborn

  1. I’ve been on the fence about buying Cloudborn yarn.
    Would you say the highland twist is plump and squishy? The pictures make the yarn look really plump.
    And/or suitable for next to skin?

    • I haven’t worked with it yet so I’m not sure I can say if it’s plump or not. But it’s more than soft enough for socks but I could probably stand or wear it on my neck/arms.

  2. Oh I like the idea of holding a neutral with your minis. Are you using a particular pattern? I’m trying to knit lots to get my ratio back in a positive place

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