Ready For Advent Cuffs

I have plodded my way through the legs of my 2020 Advent Socks, pair number two. The sock on the left is using my new Flexi Flips and the pair on the right is on a normal 9 inch circular.

I cannot tell an appreciable difference between the two needles. Both are making consistent socks. I am not seeing any laddering with the flexi flips either. So far, pretty pleased with both. I could see myself using either comfortably depending on my mood.

All I have left on these socks are two cuffs. Feels very nice to be so close to a FO. I always get a little mood boost when I can pet a finished piece.

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Ready For Advent Cuffs

  1. Is your gauge the same with flexiflips as it is with the 9 inch circular? And do you like the sharp or dull point on the flexiflips? I like the sharper one; it’s nice without being too pointy.

    • I haven’t measured with a ruler but with eyeball method they look similar. And for sure I like the pointy ends better. I won’t admit how many rounds it took for me to realize they were different

  2. Glad you didn’t see a gauge difference. I’m thinking I’m getting looser knitting when I use 9″ circular versus my usual magic loop. I hadn’t thought of that happening but the pair I made this summer which was my first time using 9″ definitely is looser than my normal socks. So I’m decreasing stitches and adding ribbing to the arch on the pair I’m currently working on.

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