Second Sock Slog

I’m really feeling the slog of sock number two on my Purple Rain Vanilla Socks. It is great purse knitting/knit while walking knitting. But my knitting brain wants to be doing other things so I don’t find myself excitedly picking this project up.

Despite my ennui, I have finished the second foot and turned the heel. I do need to take a moment to count and measure all the leg increases I put in on the first sock. I am not going to go so far as to count rows to make mirror images. But I would like them to be close0-ish.

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Second Sock Slog

  1. Beautiful colours 💜 Would love to know how you knit and walk without tripping up or bumping into lampposts 😁

    • I have been knitting for about 12 years now so my hands can feel the work so I can knit without looking. And I only walk with small stockinette projects in the round. All that and a little practice 😀

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