Advent Wrapping

My current mojo has been more locked in to my advent/marling projects. The second advent color has been added All My Stitches. This next color is a very light pink and blends nicely with the white Opal sock yarn.

I REALLY like how the i-cord edge looks on this project. I gives the piece a nice finished or polished looking edge. My brain doesn’t always remember however and I do tend to have to tink back to fix. It’s super easy to just knit all the way across.

I’m already hacking this pattern as I’m not following their color changes. I’m a little concerned that I won’t use all of my rainbow gradient. Therefore I am considering adding some more increases than the pattern calls for. I could be setting myself up for yarn chicken but I wouldn’t mind a huge squishy wrap either.

I might set this one down for a think/time out….

Happy Knitting!!

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