FO Friday: Purple Rain Vanilla Socks

Happy Friday! Let me dazzle you with my latest FO. My Purple Rain Vanilla Socks are done, blocked and photographed on my very very very dry grass.

Pattern: My own toe up vanilla sock recipe with 68 stitches and a gusset heel

Yarn: KFI Luxury Sock in Purple Rain gradient

Needles: US 1s

There are some SUPER tall socks. They still fit okay, especially after blocking. I have a little room in the toes but nothing untoward. And the they come up very high on my round calves. They smell wonderful like lavender wool wash so I need to tuck them into sock drawer for the coming fall.

Next up for my sock focus… third pair of scrappy advent mini skein socks. Just need to work up the mojo!

Happy Knitting!!

2 thoughts on “FO Friday: Purple Rain Vanilla Socks

  1. Nice socks. Read it – had to listen to a Prince song – wonder what one it was? Let’s just say 1984 was a good year – the year I left school, the year I started full time work, the first year I went into bars, still under age but not challenged, tarted up in heavy make up, fashionable clothes (not particularly purple, mind you) with big hair held aloft with plenty of hairspray. Check out the official Prince Purple Rain video on – one sided and hairsprayed hair galore!

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