Project Dilemma: When To Stop


I have been chronicling my Chevron Blanket here, here, and here. This started as a baby blanket but I have to admit its morphed into more of a lap blanket, lol.

I am on my last skein of yarn and I’m torn. Right now the length covers from my toes to barely mid chest. If I were to add another color/pattern repeat of three more skeins it would comfortably reach my shoulders. The length and weight of the blanket make it difficult to work. This makes half of me want to just be done with project and move on to other WIPs. But I really want to make this blanket useable and therefore the other half of me wants to buy three more skeins of yarn and keep going.


So I putting this out there to ask for opinions from readers. Thoughts anyone?

6 thoughts on “Project Dilemma: When To Stop

  1. If you love the colour scheme, this is likely a blanket you’ll use forever — but only if the size is right. I still use a large blanket I made 35 years ago — it has my favourite purples and blues. I just kept buying yarn until it was big enough. Yes, it was super-heavy to work with at the end but I don’t even think about that now. So if it’s for you, buy more yarn! If you don’t think you’ll love it, stop now and set it aside as a gift for someone. 🙂

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