The Beginning of Neon

Due to some good advice this past week from another blogger, I decided not to wait to cast on my Stashbustin’ #21, my Neon cardigan!

Being a good knitter, I swatched!



Two things learned:

1) I need sharp metal needles, bamboo won’t do. This Berroco Pure Pima can be splitty and wood or acrylic exacerbated this.

2) I did not get gauge (need to try again when I get a new set of metal needles)

3) This pattern is incredibly easy to get off and even in my swatch I know I made mistakes

Sigh…I am not deterred. But I admit I might need a glass of wine before I re-swatch. I really love this garment and want something that will fit when I am done. Gauge will not defeat me!!

Happy Monday

5 thoughts on “The Beginning of Neon

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