WIP Wednesday: Catching Up


Stashbustin’ # 22 still looks like this…



Chart B is kicking this lace newbie’s butt! I either end up with my stitch markers in the wrong place or the incorrect number of stitches at the end of the row. The good news is that I am REALLY good at chart A, lol. I shall not be deterred by I may put this project aside for a few days to let my brain unmelt.

I have made some progress on my mindless and easy project. I have now tagged it my Stashbustin’ #23 project. This has been perfect knitting for unwinding after long theatre rehearsals at night. I think I can finally say that I can enjoy working with the chenille yarn. It takes some patience and it can really only be used in certain projects. But it makes a great baby blanket and I need to restock my emergency baby shower/present supply!


I’m still addicted to knitting these cute tutus!! This pattern is addicting. And I found some adorable red, white, and blue ruffle yarn from Premier yarns. I plan on making a matching set for some college friends who have a two year little sweetheart and are expecting another pink bundle of joy in the fall. I am almost done with the newborn size and just need to make the 2-3 yr old size.



So there you have it, the state of my WIP pile. My WIPitis is in full swing. I’m ignoring my Neon cardigan as it’s in timeout until my play is over.

What’s in your WIP pile this week?

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