Balaclava Frustration

This project is beginning to vex me…..



I have completed the neck ribbing and both sides of my balaclava. This is Stashbustin’ #26 for those of you keeping score. But to get this point I have to frog a fair share of my work TWICE!!



The side panels are worked one at a time and therefore it’s hard to line up the garter ridges when you do them separately. Had to frog the first attempt at the second side panel. But I did manage to get it right on the second try.

I’m now on the section that creates the brim of that. I attempted to do this late at night in poor lighting. It was a recipe for disaster…. I literally connected the brim at the back of the hat instead of the front. So I wasted 2 hours of my life. I have now frogged that hot mess.

This project is currently sitting in my project bag waiting for me to return. It’s not the pattern’s fault..I just made silly mistakes and didn’t pay attention to the directions. Every knitter has these kinds of projects from time to time right? I know I can conquer this WIP, it just needs to sit in timeout for awhile.

I still have a few weeks before winter right?

6 thoughts on “Balaclava Frustration

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