WIP Wednesday: Cuff to Cuff Sweater

My knitting time is basically nonexistent now that I’m nursing Jellybean. But I manage a few rows here and there when he is napping or chilling in someone else’s arms.

Since my last post on this sweater I had completed the sleeve and now I’ve finished the first front/side panel (depending on how you look at it). I’m now working the back portion of the sweater!



(The true color is closer to the first photo)

These few stitches here and there really help me find my center in the midst of baby poop, crying, laughing, and nursing. This motherhood stuff is no joke and I’ve never been so tired in my entire life. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Pardon me while I go take a short nap whilst Jellybean is down for the count as well!

Happy Knitting!

Git R Done….Knitting Style

I AM DONE!!!! This made this balaclava my b*tch!!! This multipurpose project is finally a FO.


Introducing to you, Garter Stitch Chunky Balaclava/Beanie by Christine Grant. This has been one of the few patterns I have actually paid for. And for the most part it has lived up to it’s price.


I used Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Lost Lake Heather. I used 126 grams or about 278.3 yards of yarn. That is about 2 1/2 skeins of yarn.


I had a few bumps along the way with this project here , here, and here, oh and here!  But I managed to Git R Done (to paraphrase a certain Cable Guy)! This took me far longer to knit that it should have. But sometimes good projects have to have time outs once in awhile!



As you can see you can wear it as a beanie or as a balaclava. I kind of like the dual purpose of the project. And the yarn is a wool blend that will be very warm. Did you know that wool still keeps you warm even when it’s wet? How cool is that? I really hope this keeps my coworker warm this winter.

Oh and a big thank you to my husband who modeled for me after I was done knitting…..this last picture pretty much says it all, lol


So Close….Yet So Far…

Frustration be damned! My Stashbustin’ #26 is rolling now!!!



After a couple of miscues on the pattern (my fault not the authors) I powered through the remaining flat portions of the pattern.



I found the brim portion to be a bid fiddly but I persevered. All I have left is to seam the back, knit the ribbed side face panels, and finally sew down the brim. I cannot wait to finish this one, both so I can give this to the recipient and so I can finally be rid of this knit!! I hope to have some later tonight to officially put this one in the FO column!

Oh and weave in all those pesky ends, of which there are a lot. Oh so close but yet so far…..

Balaclava Frustration

This project is beginning to vex me…..



I have completed the neck ribbing and both sides of my balaclava. This is Stashbustin’ #26 for those of you keeping score. But to get this point I have to frog a fair share of my work TWICE!!



The side panels are worked one at a time and therefore it’s hard to line up the garter ridges when you do them separately. Had to frog the first attempt at the second side panel. But I did manage to get it right on the second try.

I’m now on the section that creates the brim of that. I attempted to do this late at night in poor lighting. It was a recipe for disaster…. I literally connected the brim at the back of the hat instead of the front. So I wasted 2 hours of my life. I have now frogged that hot mess.

This project is currently sitting in my project bag waiting for me to return. It’s not the pattern’s fault..I just made silly mistakes and didn’t pay attention to the directions. Every knitter has these kinds of projects from time to time right? I know I can conquer this WIP, it just needs to sit in timeout for awhile.

I still have a few weeks before winter right?