Just A Swatch

A few days ago I pulled out the yarn for my Cousins Mitred Square Blanket and made some decisions.

  • I’m going to do solid squares because it’s easier not to change yarn and I will like the look better
  • I picked a tentative color layout: one row pink then light blue and one row yellow then brown
  • The edge will be done in the bright blue/teal

I even started the first square. 

I pretty much hate it. It took two hours and 24 grams of yarn. So at the very least I know how long each piece will take. But the cast on was too loose and stretchy. The fabric is too loose as well. Not to mention I can’t tell if I should slip the first stitch or knit it in order to make the best surface to attach the next square. Wise blogger/podcast knitters always say to not slip stitches on seam edges but the knit edges of garter stitches just look terribly cuddly to pick up! I’m terribly conflicted. I knit these on 7US and I’m going to try 6US by frogging and re-knitting this square. 

This was just a swatch right?

11 thoughts on “Just A Swatch

  1. I’ve always knit things that are going to get a lot of use with a couple sizes smaller needles so that they have a tighter more dense fabric. You could try that. I don’t know about the border though.

  2. If I am seaming or picking up stitches, I don’t slip the first stitch. The edge won’t show in the seam and it feels more stable to me to have the edges knit rather than slipped. In case you care what I do or think. 🙂

  3. I don’t slip if I’m seaming garter stitch, either. And I think you just pick up under the garter ridge on each side when seaming.

    I’m in “swatch” eternity too, right now. A simple little design, which is not happening as simply as it could. I finished one, but decided to change it…three ideas later I’m close to the original again. But not the same, of course, because then I could just be done!

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