Cowl-tastic Week

I’m in the season of accounting year end prep, never ending meetings, and mind numbing webinars. So I’ve packed my knitting with me to work all this week. I got in some great conference call knitting! I had a four hour accounting standards webinar….πŸ’€

And now I’ve eve started the spooky stripe section!

I’m loving my yarn color choices and the nice even stitches. It’s very soothing and keeps me focused on monotonous speakers. Maybe I can get this done faster than I thought?

Happy Knitting!

8 thoughts on “Cowl-tastic Week

  1. Oh how I wish I could knit at work.. The amount of times I’m sat in meetings and I think to myself “All this is is wasted knitting time..”. My office is too corporate though 😦

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