Cowl-tastic Week

I’m in the season of accounting year end prep, never ending meetings, and mind numbing webinars. So I’ve packed my knitting with me to work all this week. I got in some great conference call knitting! I had a four hour accounting standards webinar….💤

And now I’ve eve started the spooky stripe section!

I’m loving my yarn color choices and the nice even stitches. It’s very soothing and keeps me focused on monotonous speakers. Maybe I can get this done faster than I thought?

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Spooky Vanilla Socks

I’m all prepared for Halloween! My  Spooky Vanilla Socks are done!

Pattern: Toe up vanilla sock with afterthought heel

Yarn: Berry Colorful Yarnings Saturated Sock in the color Spooky

Needles: US 1

My matchup matchy heart is so happy with these. I did use some yarn management to get these to match so it’s not by accident. I had to weave in a few extra ends but it was totally worth it. I also modified my afterthought heel a bit as well. After I picked up the stitches I worked 5-6 rounds of stockinette before starting the decreases. I feel like this made more fabric that covered my heel without over stretching. It’s a tad loose so next time I may only do 4 rounds. But I’m still super super happy! And I got to turn these in for the Pigskin Party KAL and #Socktober!

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Spooky Vanilla Socks

My Spooky Vanilla socks are cruising along…

I’ve finished the first sock and got a jump on the second one! I’m really trying to get the stripes to match and it’s working so far. Only two small fails, the first being that I wound my second small cake backwards so I have to work from the outside of the ball. Secondly I’ve had to cut the green yarn in the toe to make the stripes match. It really only means I have a couple more ends to weave in.

I’m definitely going to have a ton of yarn left from this generous skein from Berry Colorful Yarning. Just more yarn for scrap projects I guess!

Happy Knitting! 

Spooky Update

I have the sock fever! My newest knitting bag is housing my Spooky Vanilla socks and living in my purse. Shockingly if you work in a project it actually grows!

I’m done with the foot, inserted the lifeline line for the afterthought heel (tiny orange stripe) and I’m moving up the leg. I’m already starting to eyeball the second ball of yarn to see if I can make them match!

Happy Knitting!!