Another Sock HO

I know it’s supposed to be Finished Friday, but I have a turkey hangover and post holiday food coma. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all! So today all I have is a HO (half finished object)

My Mutatis Mutanois socks had been languishing at the bottom of my bag. I know I have a lot of WIPs going but I usually happily bounce between all of them. I just didn’t  feel a draw towards these. The foot of sock number one was almost done. I decided life was to short to knit what doesn’t inspire so these socks became shorties. And viola the motivation to work on them reappeared!

I worked a gusset heel for toe up socks (from Wendy D Johnson’s free pattern) and did some a little rubbing before casting off. They could stand to be slightly taller but they stay up just fine as is. I did get some minor color pooling in the gusset but I’m not too fussy about such things.

The sock fits well so I’m powering through sock #2! I’m hoping the long holiday weekend in the US will afford me some extra Knitting time!

Happy Knitting!!

2 thoughts on “Another Sock HO

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