Cygnus Vanilla Update

I admit all the focus on my Mighty Rainbow Blanket has made me yearn for other projects. And with my wrist being sore I needed a lighter project than my super heavy blanket. I’m sooo close to done so I indulged myself a little and pulled out my Cygnus Vanilla socks!

I pulled the yarn from the other end of the cake and installed the afterthought heel. After lots of trial and error I’ve found a formula of sorts for my heel. Instead of straight knit one round and decrease one round combo I have found a combination of multiple knit rows to a single decrease row that adds depth to the heel for a better fit. I’ll try to put notes in my Rav project for those with inquiring minds.

For now I’m off to finish the leg of this sock. With sport weight yarn it shouldn’t take much!!

Happy Knitting!

3 thoughts on “Cygnus Vanilla Update

  1. I hear you on heavier projects. I feel it in my elbows quite a bit. I have started to clear some work space and set my project on my desk when it gets too heavy. at least its a little less stress on my elbows.

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