Cast On: Mere’s Heart Mitts

Awhile back my dearest friend from college sent me a sweet gift from the Pacific North West… lovely skeins of some Knitted Wit Victory Sock in the fiesta color way. I couldn’t shake this idea of making the two of us a pair of matching mitts. It’s been one of those project ideas I just couldn’t shake. I want to do something nice for her and maybe send her a little love in the form of knitted stitches.

I pulled and wound one skein of the sock yarn and cast on this vision I had. I am picturing finger-less gloves with a little reverse stockinette heart on the back of the hand. I’m going to use the basic mitt recipe from some gift gloves I’ve knit in the past. Now I just need to figure out the heart size and placement…

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “Cast On: Mere’s Heart Mitts

  1. What a nice idea! It’s not only a cool way to use the yarn your friend gave you, it’s extra special to make friend-love mitts. My BFF and I share a love of yarn and the fiber arts; I could see doing something similar that suits our styles. :o)
    If you do work out how to do the heart and could post tips or a pattern/instructions, that would be great. Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  2. What a lovely idea! I don’t have friends I’m that close to but I keep looking at my sock remnants and picturing Little Miss and I in matching socks

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