Not Bad For A First Try

My mittens for my bff are growing quickly. Now these really are fairly quick because they are small and worked in the round in stockinette. I zoomed through the cuff, installed the thumb and worked in my heart chart.

It’s not exactly dead center where I wanted it. But given that it’s not entirely visible I’m not going to fuss about it. I’ve the first mitt done except the thumb. And I’m going to start the second one momentarily. Now by the grace of the knitting gods I’m going to make sure and pay attention for the second glove. I know I need to place the heart on the opposite side of the glove so the right hand has the heart on the back and not the palm.

Think I will remember?

Mapping My Intentions

I started Mere’s Heart Mitts yesterday. I know how I want to construct the gloves, but I needed to sketch the heart. I pulled some printable knitting graph paper from the inter webs. You really do want to use knitted graph paper because the squares are actually square and represent that knitted stitches are wider than they are tall. It gives you a much truer idea what a design will look like.

Here is my original…

While it’s a perfectly serviceable heart…it was a little wide and the lobes looked funky. So I sketched a smaller one. ..

I liked the form much better but I wanted it a little fuller and less lobey. So here is my final design…

The only downside to this plan is the yarn. It’s highly variegated and won’t show the heart as well as a solid or semi-solid. But in this case it’s the intent and thought that counts. Even if it’s not obvious to the eye both she and I will know its there.

Happy Knitting!

Cast On: Mere’s Heart Mitts

Awhile back my dearest friend from college sent me a sweet gift from the Pacific North West… lovely skeins of some Knitted Wit Victory Sock in the fiesta color way. I couldn’t shake this idea of making the two of us a pair of matching mitts. It’s been one of those project ideas I just couldn’t shake. I want to do something nice for her and maybe send her a little love in the form of knitted stitches.

I pulled and wound one skein of the sock yarn and cast on this vision I had. I am picturing finger-less gloves with a little reverse stockinette heart on the back of the hand. I’m going to use the basic mitt recipe from some gift gloves I’ve knit in the past. Now I just need to figure out the heart size and placement…

Happy Knitting!!