Knitting In Public

Yesterday I talked about my festival adventures. Well, after dragging my momma and auntie around the festival I took them to a quilt shop to support their craft addictions. They browsed fabric and notions while I knit in a easy chair!

My sisters second Christmas socks saw some good progress! And no one batted an eye at my podcast listening and knitting in public. I love being around crafty people!

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “Knitting In Public

  1. Good for you! I enjoy knitting in public when I have the chance. It’s hard for me since only one hand works (harder to knit than it used to be, as well); I keep a small project on circular needles in my purse for those moments I can sit and work a mindless or simple pattern so I won’t have to tink or frog afterward. I think the socks you’re making look happy!

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