Tracking Progress

For as prolific knitter as I attempt to be, one item I rarely use is a progress keeper marker. I simply don’t own any. Well I remedied that ☺️

I picked up a set from Etsy. The lobster claws are perfect and they are adorably knitting themed! I have even put them to use.

I placed one on my drunken watermelon socks. I don’t touch these very often so it will be good to get a visual reminder of my progress.

So do you guys use progress keepers?

4 thoughts on “Tracking Progress

  1. I received one with a set of stitch markers I purchased, but I haven’t been in the habit of tracking progress this way. Do you just pop it into the fabric of your knitting?

  2. I mark the rows on the pattern or chart…but not on the socks themselves…since I work with a lot of intricate patterns, they give me their own visual progress…though I’m probably slipping into a vanilla latte sock soon and may invest in something similar…I do love your set and I may need to get me some;-)

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