The Mitre Rabbit Hole

I’m feeling a bit of ambivalent about my WIPs of late so my blanket has been the recipient of much attention.

It’s squared off again. For sure I’m continuing to add to this project. And I think I’m going to add another row versus a column…for now at least.

I have less than a month until the start of the Down Cellar Studio’s Pigskin Party KAL and that contest does not allow WIPs. So I need to clean the decks so to speak before picking up new projects. I’m already scheming on what I’m going to cast on! Until then…..more Blanket!!

13 thoughts on “The Mitre Rabbit Hole

  1. I love the blanket! Are you following a pattern?
    WIP- I’m pretty good at only having one project on the go at a time, but I desperately need a list of all the projects I have in my head!!!
    I have a question though and I’m sure it’s stupid (blame it on holiday brain), what is a KAL?

  2. For some reason, watching this blanket evolve is good fun. Mostly, I think it’s because it’s scrap sock yarn. Look at all the socks you made! Also, I love the random color additions. I’m doing a random color afghan, too, and I think I can just sense the enjoyment you get from choosing the next square like I do.

      • If you have as many socks done as I do, you’d need the mini-skeins. I remain steadfast in my comment. Random colors and lots of socks. You have not knit that many socks, but you knit a shit ton like I do!

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