Night and Day

Oh my gosh….the proper tool for the job makes ALL the difference! I’ve done the last two squares of my mitred scrap blanket with the Knitters Pride Karbonz and it’s like night and day!

I finished the bottom row with the bamboo Clover needles and the new column of squares with the Karbonz. The metal tips are just what I needed. The cable joins aren’t as smooth as I would like. They catch a stitch here and there depending on what kind of scraps I’m using. I can deal with that (for now anyway).

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Night and Day

  1. Still beautiful! 🙂 Did you notice a gauge difference when you changed needles? I broke my needles for an afghan I’m making and haven’t picked the project up because I’m afraid of that happening.

    • Not that I could appreciably notice. My scraps vary from very light fingering to light DK so the gauge already varies slightly. But my line of thinking is that it’s a blanket and just for me so I don’t care if it’s a bit off gauge here and there.

  2. My mom and I were just commenting yesterday on how wonderful good tools are! We get so much use out of our tools. Too bad they’re not as much fun to buy as colourful yarn😂

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